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Cancer Antibodies Non-profit Research Foundation achieves a breakthrough in the struggle to differentiate between cancer and normal cells.

Premier Story: Breakthrough Research by Cancer Antibodies.

Causes For Celebration has partnered with the Non-profit Cancer Research Foundation Cancer Antibodies.

The big problem with treating cancer is it is extremely difficult to find ways to kill cancer cells without killing normal cells.

The founder of Cancer Antibodies, Dr. Elliot Davis developed a method of finding previously unknown, unique sites on the outside of cancer cells. Finding these types of sites is perhaps the holy grail of cancer research.

The method can be used to target and kill cancer without harming normal cells, thereby avoiding the devastating side effects of treatments. 

Two independent labs have confirmed these results and Cancer Antibodies is raising funds and support to refine it for the 100+ cancers that need cures.

Cancer Antibodies is looking for partners to help get this research out to the people that need it. This includes funding, researchers, labs and other resources.

Please visit https://www.cancerantibodies.com for more information.

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